Custom Derailleur Hanger

If you did not find your derailleur hanger model at our website, we can model it for you free of charge. You will only have to pay for the derailleur hanger itself. Also you can send this derailleur hanger to us and we will make for you new derailleur hanger with 50% discount

You will have to:

  1. Make a scanned copy of your broken derailleur hanger – front and back sides with a ruler next to it, and a photo of the front part
  2. Specify the size of the bores
  3. Specify thickness in certain locations
  4. If possible, make a video (optional)
  5. And send to our e-mail:


Next, we will confirm the possibility of manufacturing your derailleur hanger and make it, then we show photo of the finished hanger and send you a link for making a payment for our product at our website.

After your payment, we will organize its delivery.

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