How to choose a proper derailleur hanger

Of course, when the derailleur hanger is not damaged, the idea of finding out its model never comes to one’s head. However, if this issue is raised in advance, one can save himself the trouble and time when the hanger is to be replaced.

It is now, while the hanger is neither bent nor broken yet, when its model is easy to identify. But after a breakdown, the derailleur hanger is not so easy to identify.

However, if you have read this article too late, don’t worry: 90% of cyclists also come to us after the accident, not knowing exactly what model of the derailleur hanger they really need.

First, try to find the derailleur hanger model using the search box at our website by entering the model or at least the brand of your bike. Selecting the proper model is difficult, since some types of derailleur hangers look very much alike. If you are not sure, email us and have all details cleared. If possible, be sure to send us the photos of your hanger to, or what has remained of it, and the model of your bike

Fill in the request, and we will help you find the hanger.

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Fill in the request, and we will help you find the hanger.

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