Why a machined derailleur hanger is better than a cast one?

Why milled derailleur hanger leave cast derailleur hangers far behind? To understand this, let’s remember that manufacturers of bicycles have been trying to meet a pair of conflicting requirements for centuries.

  • On the one hand, in order to avoid inaccuracies in transmission operation, derailleur hanger are rigidly fixed to the frame.
  • But here the second problem arises: at the same time, the rear derailleur bracket should have some flexibility and brittleness so that in an emergency situation it adsorbs the destructive energy of the impact and prevents the damage to the more expensive bike elements. You should agree that it is much less costly to replace the derailleur hanger once in 6 months, than to pay a lump sum for replacing the frame and the derailleur hanger itself.

Milled derailleur hangers, particularly the ones made of durable aviation aluminum alloy 6061 T651 (similar to D16Т) solve this problem several times more successfully than those cast of aluminum alloy. The latter entirely fail after the first impact: it makes no sense trying to straighten a bent cast derailleur hanger. The microscopic cracks and internal strain will all the same result in the imminent failure of the element in the near future.

In contrast, the milled derailleur hangers are a good alternative that can satisfy all necessary requirements for solving the problem, especially because at our production facility, we make them of hardened aircraft aluminum (hardened and aged — naturally or artificially) of grade 6061 T651 (analog of D16Т).

Advantages of milled derailleur hangers

  • Such fixtures of derailleur hangers can boast good flexibility. If the impact has not been too strong, a machined derailleur hanger doesn’t break, but simply bends at a certain angle, and may be straightened without compromising its strength.
  • Still, fragility is also present in such products: if the impact or a collision has been quite strong, or the derailleur gets accidentally into the spokes, a milled derailleur hanger acts as a “fuse” and breaks itself, leaving the frame intact.
  • Finally, these rear derailleur brackets have enough stiffness not to affect the accuracy of shifting gears neither during a leisure bike ride in the country with friends, nor in course of a difficult high-speed bike ride over rough terrain.

We wish you comfortable and trouble-free cycling life!