What types of derailleur hangers are there?

One of the main specifications for classifying derailleur hangers is the way they are attached, namely, the number and kinds of holes in the element.

An M10 threaded hole for the mounting screw of the rear derailleur is a standard option, which is present in all items. And then the fun begins.

  • Classical models are derailleur hangers that are fixed on the frame using the threaded rivet nut (a rivet nut with a hollow screw), same as in the system of driving sprockets.
  • Some derailleur hanger brackets are attached to the frame by standard bolts or screws (one or several), often with internal hexagon and a recess for the wrench.
  • Some derailleur hanger are connected to the frame with only one hollow screw from the above threaded rivet nut, i.e., the holder itself already has the matching thread.
  • Finally, some derailleur hangers are screwed directly onto the wheel axle, connecting the whole structural system together.

Whatever derailleur hanger is required for your bike, rest assured that you will most likely find the proper model at our store.