Czech rider best of the Etixx-Quick Step team in eighth place

The Belgian team are yet to finish on the podium in this classics campaign with Leferve expalining on the eve of Flanders its not due to any ‘tactical’ shortcomings. “For me, we haven’t been beaten tactically. We’ve been beaten physically but I haven’t seen any team that’s stronger than us,” Lefevere said. “With the strength […]

Through the pages of derailleur hangers history

The decline of the era of non-removable derailleur hangers When manufacturers had started producing the first bikes with aluminum frames — lightweight, non-corrosive, they faced an unexpected problem. A derailleur hanger combined with the frame has become a real weak link in the entire system. • In case of any road accident, e.g., when the rear derailleur […]

Can a bent derailleur hanger be straightened?

The standard derailleur hangers made of aluminum alloy are extremely fragile and non-durable. Technically, it makes sense: in case of an accident, the derailleur hanger absorbs the entire force of the impact, preventing the damage to the frame, so its owner does not have to replace the expensive frame. But you should agree that it is still […]

What types of derailleur hangers are there?

One of the main specifications for classifying derailleur hangers is the way they are attached, namely, the number and kinds of holes in the element. An M10 threaded hole for the mounting screw of the rear derailleur is a standard option, which is present in all items. And then the fun begins. Classical models are derailleur hangers […]

How to properly adjust a derailleur hanger?

As is well known, to avoid the risk of damaging the derailleur hanger on your bike, it should be correctly adjusted. How to properly adjust the derailleur hanger in order to minimize the risk of it getting into the spokes, which is fatal for derailleur hangers? First, loosen the transmission cable. Next, rotating the adjusting screw […]

Why a machined derailleur hanger is better than a cast one?

Why milled derailleur hanger leave cast derailleur hangers far behind? To understand this, let’s remember that manufacturers of bicycles have been trying to meet a pair of conflicting requirements for centuries. On the one hand, in order to avoid inaccuracies in transmission operation, derailleur hanger are rigidly fixed to the frame. But here the second problem arises: […]

The purpose of the derailleur hanger

The main purpose of the derailleur hanger is to break at the right moment and to save the more important elements of the bike: the expensive frame and the shifter. But seriously, a derailleur hanger really acts as a “fuse” in case of a sudden impact, no matter whether this is getting into the spokes, […]

Why do you need a spare derailleur hanger?

Does it make sense to have a spare derailleur hanger for replacement? Practice shows that the answer is yes. Sure, you do not wish to be left without your bike on a beautiful summer day! You take a spare tube with you when you go a long way, don’t you? Most likely, yes, because you know […]

Why do we need a derailleur hanger on a bike?

Experienced cyclists pay great attention to choosing and installing derailleur hangers on their bikes. Sure enough, this spare part regularly saves owners the cost of repairing their beloved bikes. In the essence, derailleur hanger is a compact removable plate that connects the rear derailleur to the frame. Its task is preventing damage to the frame […]

Derailleur hanger: what is it?

The derailleur hanger is a small element with the size of a flash drive that connects the rear derailleur to the frame of the bike. The main purpose of this element is acting as a “shield” for these elements in the event of an accident. In case of falling, a collision or incorrect gear shift […]