How to properly adjust a derailleur hanger?

As is well known, to avoid the risk of damaging the derailleur hanger on your bike, it should be correctly adjusted. How to properly adjust the derailleur hanger in order to minimize the risk of it getting into the spokes, which is fatal for derailleur hangers?

  1. First, loosen the transmission cable. Next, rotating the adjusting screw H with a cross-head screwdriver, set the derailleur hanger so that its upper guiding roller is exactly opposite to the small sprocket in the cassette.
  2. Only after that connect the cable to the derailleur: the shifter is set to the highest gear, the cable is carefully passed through the sleeves, and all gaps are thoroughly compensated for.
  3. Ready? You can now proceed to adjustment itself. Retract the shifter towards the sleeve to the maximum by pressing its housing. Holding the element this way, limit its travel beyond the big sprocket by carefully aligning it along the guide roller with screw L and a cross-head screwdriver.

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