About Us

The MЕТА СNС company was founded 8 years ago as a part of the scientific and production association “META”

The core business of MЕТА is the production of bike spares, including derailleur hangers.

From the first days of its operation, the META CNC company has been setting ambitious goals of taking the leading position in the world-wide market of manufacturing derailleur hanger.

For the purpose of achieving high quality of the products, a powerful production base has been created, and well-known sports experts in the field of cycling have been invited for professional development of derailleur hangers.

Today, the MЕТА company actively sells its products worldwide. We sell derailleur hangers in more than 220 countries on all continents.

The META mech hangers are used by both cycling enthusiasts and professionals.

The quality management system for production of bicycle derailleur hangers complies with ISO 9001:2008.