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Wide range of derailleur hanger for 400+ bike brands

Derailleur hangers for popular bike brands

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Advantages of our META derailleur hangers:

  • Derailleur hangers are made of 6061 T651 aviation aluminum, CNC machined;
  • Exactly fit the mounting seats in the dropouts;
  • Feature structural modifications, e.g., lengthened switch screw stop;
  • Have been made by machining, which eliminates residual deformation and strain;
  • Do not bend, but break under excessive load, without getting into the rear wheel together with the switch;
  • The threads are tight, and they are tapped, not rolled;
  • Made of certified material;
  • During their operation, derailleur hangers do not change their mechanical properties.

One would think that buying a derailleur hanger is not a big problem. Nevertheless, practice shows quite the opposite: it is not so easy to find an appropriate derailleur hanger at the nearest bike store. Actually, today almost every bike model requires its own derailleur hanger. Sometimes, finding proper derailleur hanger may take weeks. We do not even mention here residents of small towns who have to spend a lot of time to find a proper part.

Fortunately, with the advent of our online store, this problem no longer exists. We specialize in manufacturing derailleur hangers, and our customers do not have to face lack of choice. In the vast range of derailleur hangers manufactured at our own production facilities, you will easily and quickly find the proper derailleur hanger for your bike.

You no more have to waste your time and energy visiting or calling all bike shops in the neighborhood, searching for the model you need.

No matter where on the globe you are, we will do our best to help you get your derailleur hanger as soon as possible.

The advantages of our hangers: you get what you need at a lower price, as compared to Pilo. This is because we focus on quality at a low price, sometimes sacrificing beauty (we do not paint our hangers in different colors).

Every cyclist knows what a derailleur hanger is for. This element has an important mission: it protects the frame and the rear derailleur in an emergency situation by absorbing destructive shocks. However, cyclists do not have time to grapple with the intricacies of production: all hangers seem the same. Is it really so?

Unlike the cheaper cast silumin hangers from China, the milled derailleur hangers that we produce are exclusively made of especially durable material – tempered and artificially aged duralumin that is used in the aerospace industry. After all, we know from our own experience that such products are much more practical. Unlike the cast ones, the machined derailleur hangers have at least three undeniable advantages.

They are strong enough not to fail at every bump, but due to the features of the 6061 T651 aluminum alloy, in case of a strong impact or a fall, they break, absorbing the impact force, and protecting more expensive parts of the bike.

Unlike cast silumin rear derailleur hangers, our milled hangers do not affect the accuracy of shifting gears.

Derailleur hangers and their cost

If you think that a milled derailleur hanger will cost you more than the original one, we are happy to cheer you up: the price will not be affected. Our prices for bike hangers remain affordable for every cyclist, since they are basic consumables and should not cost too much.

In order to choose a proper derailleur hanger, select the model of your bike on the website, or enter the number of the derailleur hanger model into the search field. We ship our products immediately upon receipt of payment. As a rule, delivery takes 7+ days.

However, if you failed to find the required model of the derailleur hanger yourself, or you are not sure what derailleur hanger you need, email us a request with the indication of the model of your bike and photos of your broken derailleur hanger.

We will try to determine the model of your bike’s derailleur hanger and let you fix your bike as soon as possible!